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The way how to travel from Talin to Tbilisi

We decided to show you the way how to arrive in Georgia and which remarkaible places you can see here. From Talin you can get in Krim passing by Belorus and Ukraine. If you have time you can call on in Ukraine and see the country sights. for example Sophia church, the main park of Kiev and other beautiful places.
From Krim you can go by ferryboat through Kerch strait. It is shallow channel between the sea of Azov and the Black sea. It is also known by its tatar name, Yenikale. Then you arrive in Sochi. Sochi is Russian city. It lies along the shoves of the Black sea aginst the background of the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus mountains. Soch is claimed to be the longest city of Europe. The Music festivals take place here. It is also known with its tradition, culture and natural resources.
Then you can go to Gagra by crossing the River of Psou. Psou is in the west Caucasus. It flows along the southern slopes of the greatest Caucasus mountain range and forms a part of the border between Abkhazia and Russia. Then you arrive in Gagra. It is the center of the district of the same name. It is located in the western part of Abkhazia and river Psou serves as a border with Krasnodar Kray of Russia.
From Gagra you must go to Bichvinta, which is a resort town of Gagra . Here we can see reserve of Bichvinta, cape and rare plants. It takes 12 hours from Bichvinta to Tbilisi. Then your route continue to Sukhumi, which is located in eastern coast of the Black sea. It is known for its beaches, Sanatoriums, Botanical garden. You can also see here Lake Ritsa, which is located in the northen part of Abkhazia. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by mixed mountain forests. Its water is cold and clear. It also changes its colours. In winter it is blue and in summer – green.
Then you must go to Zugdidi. Zugdidi is a city in the western Georgian historical province of Samegrelo. It is situated in the north-west of that province. The city serves as the center of the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. There is Dadiani palace- museum in Zugdidi. Dadiani was a Georgian family of nobels, Georgian province of Samegrelo.
From Zugdidi we arrive in Kutaisi. It is located along both banks of the river Rioni . Kutaisi has very big and ancient Cultural traditions too. Here are many historical statues and churches: Gelati, Bagrati, Motsameta, and the reserve of Sataplia.
From Kutaisi you must go to Mtskheta. Mtskheta is the oldest city of Georgia. It was the capital of Georgia many ages ago. Mtskheta is the center of turism. It is a member of the cities which is protected by Unesko. Here two rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi are connected. It is a very beautiful view. You can also see there: “Swetitskhoveli”, “Jvari”, and “'Dedata Monasteri”.
It takes about an hour to go from Mtskheta to Tbilisi. It is the capital and largest city of Georgia lying on the banks of the river Mtkvari. Here are many noteable places: Metekhi, Narikala, Abanotubani, Kashveti, Sioni, Sameba- which is on the third place with its height in Europe.

Created by Maia Kapanadze, Sopo Chaxnashvili and Tiko Pocxverashvili

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