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Christmas traditions

All our life is preparing to meet God. Soon comes the brilliant Christmas day. It is festival, which feels every christians soals and hurts with love and hope. We meet the Christmas day with fast, pray, confession and aucharist. Christmas is the most lovely day for everyone. On this day people walk in the streets after the mass. Most of them are children. Everyone chant Christmas song- Aalilo. People feel with joy when Alilo's members appear in the streets.. They carry out fruit, sweet, churchkela, clothes and other presents. Priests and believers bring all these food and beverage to people , who haven't got anything to eat for Christmas.
For christmas the members of family devote each other presents.This tradition comes from first century.Traditionaly everyone meets this fast with family members . Some people meet Christmas in Churches. At nights everyone light candels on their windous. And what we pray whith cincere hurt everything comes true, the most important thing is don't lose cincere and don't forget the words of the God :”Pray and it'll be found, knock and it wiil be opened.
In every part of Georgia evreyone celebrate Christmas differently. They have its traditions. In Racha-lechxumi Christmas conjuction or ''Calanda'' counts centuries. People kill cattle for Christmas in lechxumi and so they respect this grate fest. In Xevsureti people call Christmas day ''christ''. They also kill donation and lay the table.
In Guria people bake patties, lay the table, where they bring these hot patties and then they light candales. Walking on Alilo is the traition of every corner of Georgia. At that time we pray attention espessialy on Charity. Everyone look forward to Alilo members , in case that they want to hear nice news and to get bendiction from them. wnen Alilo members finish the Alilo song host or hostess invite them at home or carry out what they have got. In Tusheti people entertain them with to especialy baked Khada. Alilo members eat one Khada in that place. Other onethay bring with them.
Christians see God in every guest and in every Alilo members and the gift given to them at the saame time is the present and also respect for God.
In samegrelo god-child gives to god-father or grendmother cock and patties. In Guria people send the present of the daughter -in-low. This present may be bull or caw, sheep, wine, xachapuri and certainly Christmas patties.
People entertain Alilo members with eggs, which is the simbole of the Christmas and soon'll be painted red at Easter fast.
Tiko Pocxverashvili, Sofo Caxnashvili, Maia Kapanadze.

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