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Traditions of Georgia

Our country – Georgia is well known all over the world, for it`s hospitality and generously. Foreigners called us very loveable and openharted people. We have many traditions, one of them is – NewYear. This is a very essential and pleasant festival for Geogians. In this time they began special preparations since morning of 31 December. Children make New year tree, decorate their house with branches and various toys.
We, Georgians have our world famous cousine. Every corner of Georgia has it`s own meals. New Year Georgians is main festival and this is a holiday, so every family in the evevning lay the table for New Year. Traditional meals are: Satsivi, with walnut sauce, Xachapuri, Turkey, Gozinaki with nut and hay.
The person, who enters the house and stay with the family all night- called mekvle. The mekvle brings luck and happines to the family. Then he leaves house and members of the family can visit other friends, relatives.
Usually in the family Georgians have traditional toasts and they beileve, that all their New Year dreams will come true very soon. Our traditions are prosperity and we pride with it.

X.Xatiashvili,S.Tsipiani, L.Dvalishvili;

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