пятница, 21 декабря 2007 г.

The anwers of number 5 commission from “Kolxa.”

1.We are glad to take a part in that project. The project was very interseting. We acomplish our commision with a great desire and enthusiasm. We hope that we did it well. Most of all we approved working at “Christmas “ theme. We like when we talk about our traditions. Georgia is very traditional country. We want to shoow everyone how traditional, beautiful and amazing is our homeland. We like this theme above all because New Year is coming soon and this theme was also about it and we acomplished it with a great joy.

2. It is the truth that the project was very interseting and diverting, but we also had some problems. We needed some geographical atlases to find and take out informations. And there was some problems during the work. But our partner teachers Manana Utiashvili, Darejan Chxikvadze and Marina Sumbadze helped us to solve it. We are very much obliged to them.

3.First af all New Year is coming soon and we wish everyone happyness. Beautiful plentiful and best New Year. We want peace not only in our country but in the whole world. We wish everyone to see our delighful, exellent, weallthy with traditions,different and most beautifule country in the world. We wish our foreign friends to see Georgia- a little paradise. Remember there is no heven on Earth but there is Georgia.

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