пятница, 21 декабря 2007 г.

The anwers of commission number 5 from “Iberielebi”.

1.Most of all our commission we liked “ Virtual travel from Georgia to Estonia”. It was very interseting . We found out many informations about the europian countries. We used gaographical atlas and ethnographical sources .
2.We had many problems during the working, but we are proud that we solved it with our partners. This project helped us to extened knowledge. We are very thankful to our teachers. Without them we couldn't did so much.
3.We wish everyone good furtune and luck. Our desire is everyone in the world to live happy. We know that a lot of people starve. And we want to solve that problem with our foreign partners. We belive that New Year will bring us kindness and careless life. We must love and respect each other and everything will be well.

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